Zico Coconut Water Health Benefits and Alternatives

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Did you know that coconut water is so healthy that it can actually be injected into the human blood stream? That is not the only extraordinary — and potentially surprising — benefit that comes from this all natural product. The drink has the five electrolytes that assist with hydration: sodium, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, and potassium. In fact, the potassium levels are so high that leading brands such as Zico Coconut Water claim that it is more than fifteen times the amount of potassium from some sports drinks and more than in a whole banana. This potassium is important during and after sports because it prevents muscle cramps and speeds recovery of your muscles. The acid levels are also less than these same sports drinks and juices. It can raise your metabolism, improve circulation, fight viruses, build your immune system, and deliver antioxidants to your body. On top of these features, drinks such as Zico that get their product from young coconuts do not have fat, cholesterol, or additional sugars. This is because the “meat” and milk of mature coconuts has not yet developed.

As a result, many believe that coconut water has a wider variety and strong health benefits than drinks that are explicitly designed for hydration and recovery, such as Gatorade. Most believe it is better than natural fruit juices for the same reason. It is not a surprise, then, that these drinks are so popular in Hawaii, South America, the Caribbean, and many Pacific Islands. Perhaps the bigger surprise is that it has taken this long to catch on in the United States as a legitimate alternative to more common drinks.

Zico Coconut Water is one of the top brands in the US, along with Vita Coco. These drink brands not only serve it natural style but provide some mixed with additional flavors to give some variety. Zico, for example, has seven flavors, as follows:

  • Natural flavor with 60 calories in each 14 ounce serving
  • Zico chocolate contains natural dark chocolate — a great taste even though it has less fat than a chocolate bar and only 110 calories. Some people make amazing smoothies with this chocolate flavor.
  • The pineapple flavor has 60 calories in each citrus serving
  • Mango Zico has 44 calories per serving
  • Lima Citron is a lemon lime flavor with the same calorie count as natural Zico
  • Pomberry flavor is a combination of pomegranates and berries
  • Finally, Passion Fruit Zico has the same low 44 calorie count as Mango and is also popular to mix into smoothies

In contrast to sports drinks and juices, these drinks such as Zico Pure Premium Coconut Water come primarily carton format. Bottles have recently been added to the product line so that customers can enjoy drinking them while traveling, commuting, playing sports, or otherwise on the move.

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Source by Danny S Anderson

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