Where To Buy A Snowboard


Gone are those days when we used to ask “Where to Buy a Snowboard?” The answer is simple – visit your local ski shop. Yes you heard it right – local ski shop! These days there are many ski shops in the market as well as online retailers. This would make your decision easier for you to purchase a new snowboard.

Here is a short comparison between Local Shops and Online Retailers which we have researched. After reading this comparison it’s for sure that you won’t be asking the question, “Where To Buy A Snowboard?”

The Local Snowboard Shop:

Advantages: Local snowboard shops whether big or small are always staffed by snowboarders. These staff have full knowledge, have passion and would never mind going the extra mile to get customer satisfaction when it comes to purchasing a snowboard. One of the best part when it comes to purchasing a snowboard from local shops is that you create a good rapport with the staff. There are many chances that they will remember you when you visit them next time you will be treated more like a best friend. So next time you visit them if you have any trouble with warranty or with the snowboard they would give you a royal treatment and also be ready to bat for you.

Disadvantages: There are certain types of shops which only prefer certain brands. The end result is if you do not get the snowboard you are looking to buy, you will either look for some other shop or look for some alternate brands. It all depends on the size of the shop; popular brands are sold at a very faster rate. There are hardly any shops which offer a trial.  So, if you are looking for a demo in a particular shop before buying, you may have to look somewhere else.

Online Retailers:

Advantages: Purchasing a snowboard online is not for everyone, unless you know what are you looking for you will be confused with different prices online just because the world of internet seems to be vast. The advantage of getting a snowboard online is you will be able to get your favorite snowboard easily even if it is been sold out at the local store. There are many online retailers available which offer various discounts whereas some may even give a wax touch before shipping it to your door step. When it comes to the internet you need to conduct a research before purchasing online. You can search for retailers who offer free shipping and also offer package pricing.

Disadvantages: Buying online is like taking a risk. Here you won’t be able to physically view the product you purchased until it is shipped to you and you will not be able to see demo either. Always make sure you purchase the snowboard from a reputed company who not only provides warranty but also provides proper services.


Source by Martina Kaestner

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