Using Homeopathic Remedies

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The basic philosophy behind homeopathic remedies states that diseases and sickness, not only physical but emotional and mental as well, are caused by a disturbance in what is termed the vital force. This vital force has the capability of adapting to causes both internal and external. This process is known as the law of susceptibility, and it states that positive or negative overall health of a given person are to some extent be caused by the mental state of that person. Ailments and diseases, therefore, are a symptom of disturbances in the vital force, and it is the vital force that is treated, rather than the disease. This process can be likened to the idea in modern medicine that states it is better to cure the disease, rather than treat the symptom.

Homeopathic remedies come in a wide variety of forms, although there are two primary types that are used. Materia medica, the first type, is essentially a collection of pictures of remedies organized by their uses, which provides descriptions of symptom patterns of particular remedies. The second type of homeopathic medical form is the repertory, which acts as an index of disease systems and provides the remedy that is used for it.

The primary ingredients used in homeopathic remedies are generally taken from plant, animal, and mineral products. Synthetic materials are also occasionally used. Some practitioners of homeopathic medicine, such as those belonging to the esoteric order of Dagon, use substances known as imponderables, which are taken not so much from material substances but from electromagnetic energy captured in those substances. The degree to which homeopathic medicine can provide health benefits varies greatly, so doing a little research on your own before investing in a remedy can help. When used correctly, homeopathic medicine can provide a number of health benefits, ranging from the physical (curing cold symptoms) to the emotional (reducing stress and anxiety).

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