The Whey Shake and Your Weight Loss

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Fitness trainers and contestants are using the whey shake on the NBC TV show, “The Biggest Loser”.

“The show trainers and doctors have been incorporating Whey Protein into the lives of our contestants for the last few seasons,” says Mark Koops, Creator and Executive Producer of The Biggest Loser.

“Contestants of The Biggest Loser season seven will use the cross-branded Designer Whey and The Biggest Loser Protein in their quest for better health on the show, and after.”

A whey shake is a meal replacement drink. You replace either breakfast or lunch with a whey shake and then eat a healthy dinner. The basic idea is that you will consume fewer calories with the shake than you would at the normal meal. This will lead to weight loss.

I consume a whey shake for breakfast. I replaced cold cereal for breakfast with the shake. I use either the vanilla or chocolate whey powder. There are many flavors available, but I prefer these two. I mix the powder into skim milk. It is possible to use either soy milk or water as well. I think milk makes a better shake (or maybe I’m subconsciously stuck on the word shake).

Some people like to mix fruit, yogurt or ice into their whey shake. I almost never have fruit in the house, and I dislike yogurt and ice. You could add these items if you prefer. For me, it’s just whey powder and milk.

I have lost nearly five pounds in two weeks. I’m have not altered my diet or exercise, except to use the meal replacement drink. I feel full after drinking the shake and I find that my appetite is under control. I am very pleased with my progress.

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Source by Daniel K. Smith

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