Stay Completely Away From Raisin Sugar Dissolved in Boiling Water For Candida

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Many people have heard that raisin sugar dissolved boiling water candida can help to rid them of the fungus. This is one major problem in many different ways. Let’s talk about the issues with this idea.

First of all, raisin sugar dissolved boiling water candida causes problems because the fungus grows and thrives in sugar. The more carbohydrates and sugar you have in your diet, the worse off you are. This will not help cure Candida, but instead, will help spread the infection and give it food in order to survive.

The second issue with raisin sugar dissolved boiling water candida is that any type of dried or candied fruit is a horrible part of any diet for someone who is trying to rid themselves of the fungus. These types of foods naturally bring out more sugars and carbohydrates held within the foods and causes the infection to grow even more. Stay away from all types of dried, candied, or cured meats and fruits.

Raisins are dried grapes. Grapes are naturally high in natural sugars as it is. Drying them into grapes only worsens the problem. If you really wish to do a Candida diet or cleanse yourself of the infection, it is better that you completely avoid raisins all together.

Instead, increase your vegetable intake of broccoli, asparagus, and other vegetables high in fiber and low in starches. Be careful with the fruits you eat as well as they are naturally high in sugar. Pasta is a huge no. The carbohydrates in pasta get broken down into sugar when the body metabolizes them.

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Source by Paul Blanco

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