Review of Healthy Coffee USA, Inc

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Healthy Coffee International, Inc. concentrates on bringing wellness to the worlds most popular and widely distributed drink, coffee. Their proprietary blends combine the health benefits of Ginseng, Reishi Mushroom, and other high-grade ingredients with the worlds top-quality coffee beans to create a channel of pleasurably healthy instant gourmet coffee drinks for the world to enjoy.

Healthy Coffees’ products are sold exclusively through its subsidiary, Healthy Coffee USA, inc.

By utilizing a simple online driven international business framework, the system permits the average person to own and operate a local, national, or international coffee distribution or coffee bar business with very little working capital or overhead. It is free to sign up for a private or a commercial entity to become an Independent Distributor. However, the requirements include that an Independent Distributor must represent $25 Personal Volume auto-ship or $25 Preferred Customer volume auto-ship to participate actively. A Platinum Distributor must be on $50 PV auto-ship or $50 Preferred Customer volume auto-ship and Diamond Distributor must be on $100 PV auto-ship or $100 Preferred Customer volume auto-ship to be active.

Healthy Coffee USA states that it’s “the next big opportunity of the decade”. They do, indeed seem to be well positioned in the market place with a convergence of three mega-billion dollar industries: coffee, wellness and energy drinks. Healthy Coffee has rapidly inserted itself into international markets by instituting preliminary merchandising offices exceeding a dozen countries. Network marketing is the quickest dispersion model to bring a product to the ever-changing marketplace. The companies initial goal is to open 20 countries with a minimum of 50,000 independent distributors in each country inside of five years, for a total of one million independent distributors.

To build and grow its team, Healthy Coffee has acquired the Legacy Compensation Plan which was formulated to blend the effectiveness of direct sales, bonus sales and network marketing thus producing what they consider to be the most innovative and powerful compensation plan in the industry.

The Healthy Coffee Legacy Plan was designed for the average person, the sales person as well as the business builder in mind. This plan, according to Healthy Coffee makes it easy and profitable to acquire loyal preferred clients and customers.

The company boasts 8 ways to earn with the company:

Paid Weekly:

Retail Profit

Fast Start

Bonus Power

Bonus Team

Bonus Expansion

Business Center Matching Bonus

Paid Monthly:

Car Bonus

Global Bonus Pool

The company promises to provide the highest quality Healthy Coffee drinks and wellness merchandise as well as a chance for the average individual to own a coffee distribution or coffee house business without the big capital and overhead, while marketing globally via the internet. They also plan to give back to the community by assisting the orphans and less fortunate children of the world. The product seems to be beneficial, along with the compensation plan, and I have read a number of positive reviews.

In conclusion, for anyone considering to start an online business, keep in mind that 98% of ALL internet marketers fail because they have the wrong system in place. Or don’t have a marketing system at all. Save yourself some time and money and learn what the top internet marketers are doing but fail to tell you.

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Source by Bradley S Matthews

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