Wagg Worker Complete Beef & Veg Dry Dog 12kg

Wagg Worker Complete Beef & Veg Dry Dog 12kg

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Vat Free, All dog sizes, For working dogs, 22% protein to support energy & repair

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26% Meat Meal & Gravy (with min 5% Beef **), Whole Grain Wheat, Whole Grain Barley, Vegetable Fibre, Maize, 2% Chicken Fat (source of Omega 6), Whole Linseed (source of Omega 3), 2.3% Dried Whole Green Peas & Beet ***, Minerals & Vitamins, Chicory Root (1000 mg/kg as a source of FOS), Yucca (150 mg/kg), ** min 18% Beef, *** min 10g Vegetables from dried Peas and Beet

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Calcium and Vitamin D for healthy teeth and bones

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Wagg Foods Ltd

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100% Recyclable Packaging
Recycle with Bags at Large Supermarket – Don’t recycle at home

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Wagg Foods Ltd,
Dalton Airfield,
North Yorkshire,
YO7 3HE.

Preparation and Usage

Daily Feeding Guide
Size: Small, Breed: Border Terrier, Jack Russell, Terrier, Dog Weight: 3kg – 10kg, Serving Size: 80g – 115g
Size: Medium, Breed: Spaniel, Border Collie, Dog Weight: 10kg – 20kg, Serving Size: 115g – 325g
Size: Large, Breed: Labrador, Pointer, Alsatian, Retriever, Dog Weight: 20kg – 40kg, Serving Size: 325g – 545g
Size: X Large, Breed: Bernese Mountain Dog, Great Dane, Blood Hound, Dog Weight: 40kg +, Serving Size: 545g +

Calories per 100g = 338 Kcal

Wagg Worker Beef & Veg is a complete feed suitable for all working dogs from 8 weeks onwards. It can be fed dry or moistened with warm or cold water (approximately 1 part water to 2 parts food).

How much you feed will vary depending on your working dog’s age, breed and activity levels. Older working dogs will require less than younger dogs. Young and growing dogs should be fed 2-3 times a day, to appetite if possible.

From 8-12 weeks old we recommend feeding three times a day.

From 12-24 weeks old feed twice a day and from 24 weeks old feed once or twice a day.

Pregnant bitches may need 50% more than their usual feed and lactating bitches up to four times their normal intake.

Ensure clean, fresh water is available to your working dog at all times.


To keep fresh, store this pack in a cool, dry place, with the top of the bag folded down. For best before date and batch number please see side of pack.

Further Description

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Body Condition Score
This chart is intended to be used as a guide, if your dog does not fall into the ‘ideal’ range we suggest you consult your vet for further advice.
1. Emaciated
Easily visible ribs, lower back and pelvic bones. No visible covering of fat, obvious waist and abdominal tuck. Absence of any muscle mass.
2. Thin
Easily felt ribs, minimum covering of fat, waist easily noted when viewed from above and visible abdominal tuck.
3. Ideal
Ribs felt but without excess fat covering, waist noted behind ribs when viewed from above. Abdomen tucked up when viewed from the side.
4. Overweight
Ribs felt but with an excess covering of fat. Waist still observed from above but not as prominent. Abdominal tuck may be absent.
5. Obese
Ribs not easily felt under a large covering of fat. Waist and abdominal tuck not discernible. Fat deposits on lower back and base of tail. May observe signs of obvious abdominal distension.

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This pack should reach you in top condition. We’re proud of our high standards but if for any reason you find a fault with the contents of this bag, please don’t hesitate to contact us at the address below – and don’t forget to tell us when and where you bought it. This does not affect your statutory rights.
Contact Details
Wagg dog food is made in Yorkshire. We’re a family of dog owners and we’re more than happy to share our experiences or give advice should you need it. Get in touch with us at:
Wagg Foods Ltd,
Dalton Airfield,
North Yorkshire,
YO7 3HE.

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Keeping Tails Wagging Since 1986

Complete Food for Working Dogs
We put their needs before our own and create complete, balanced recipes to keep our furry pals healthy and happy. Every ingredient we use has a purpose, with nothing extra added that your working dog doesn’t need.

Company Address

Dalton Airfield,
North Yorkshire,
YO7 3HE.


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