Lil-Lets Smartfit 10 Non-Applicator Tampons Regular

Lil-Lets Smartfit 10 Non-Applicator Tampons Regular

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Expand all the way round, Colour coded string match your flow, Designed by women, for women, Smartfit™ expands all the way round for amazing comfort, Perfect protection against leaks for up to 8 hours, Super smooth for easy insertion, Absorbency coloured string

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Non-Applicator Tampons

Telephone Helpline

+44 (0)845 602 0061

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Lil-Lets UK Limited

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Made for:
Lil-Lets UK Limited,
PO Box 14568,
United Kingdom,
B91 9LN.


Store them somewhere cool and dry.

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We’re honest and we’d like you to be as well. If you’ve got any questions or need some advice, please get in touch.
+44 (0)845 602 0061
Lil-Lets UK Limited,
PO Box 14568,
United Kingdom,
B91 9LN.

Brand Marketing

The only tampon brand available in 6 absorbencies

Whatever your flow, we’ve got you covered…
Lite – very light to light flow <6g
Regular – light to medium flow 6-9g
Super – medium to heavy flow 9-12g
Super plus – heavy flow 12-15g
Super plus extra – very heavy flow 15-18g
Ultra – extremely heavy flow 18-21g

Our Lil-Lets range includes: tampons, pads, liners, intimate care, teens

Safety Warning

ATTENTION: Always use the lowest absorbency for your flow and change your tampon every 4 to 8 hours. Tampons are associated with Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS). This is a rare but serious illness that may be fatal. Please read and keep the leaflet inside this pack.

Regulated Product Name

Non-Applicator Tampons Regular

Company Address

PO Box 14568,
United Kingdom,
B91 9LN.

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Lil-Lets is a registered trade mark of Lil-Lets UK Limited ©2018.


Taiwan (Province Of China) Country of Origin

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Standardised Brand

Lil-Lets Brand

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Final Product – Not NPD New Product Development


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