innocent Orange with Bits 900ml

innocent Orange with Bits 900ml

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Pure juice, nothing else, Pasteurised, Never ever from concentrate, 1 serving contains 1 of your 5-a-day, Suitable for vegans

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11 Juicy Oranges squeezed into every bottle

For allergens, see ingredients in bold

Telephone Helpline

020 7993 3311 (UK)

01 664 4100 (ROI)

Email Helpline

Health Claims

This juice is a source of Vitamin C which contributes to the normal function of the immune system

Company Name

Fruit Towers

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6 approx. servings per carafe

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Other Information

This bottle is made from 30% or more recycled plastic. Please recycle it (be sure to drink it first).
Widely Recycled

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Manufacturers Address

Fruit Towers,
342 Ladbroke Grove,
W10 5BU.

Fruit Towers,
2 Ballsbridge Park,
Dublin 4.

Preparation and Usage

Shake before opening, not after.


Looking after your juice
Keep refrigerated (0-8°C). For best before date, see neck. Once opened, drink within 4 days.

Further Description

Everyone has a Spirit Animal
Ours is the wild mountain gout. It tells us to forage for fruit & veg in places they grow best. To always source our ingredients in a way that’s good to the planet. And to grow beards that make others envious. So, we’ve done just that. It also tells us to wrap this up so you can get on and drink this delicious juice. You goat it.

An innocent guide to Befriending Fruit & Veg
1 Go for a drink with them, reveal too much
2 Have a deep, meaningful chinwag, find out you’re both Libras born in the moon of Taurus
3 Become running buddies, realise you can’t talk and run
4 Pay them a visit, have a nose around their home
We visit our fruit and veg from time to time to make sure they’re being grown in a way that’s kind to the planet and everyone on it. We also check the people growing them are working in a safe place. And if something doesn’t seem right, we do our best to sort it out. Because, well, that’s what friends are for.

Our Favourite Bs
Bees, border collies, bananas
Blue is also one of our favourite Bs
Who knew it? Lots of great things start with a B. And lately, our favourite one is the B Corp seal of approval. This recognises all the good stuff we’ve always done as a business. Like sourcing fruit & veg the right way and giving 10% of our profits to charity. B-rilliant.

Back for Good
Boomerangs. Lost property. The memory of last night’s office party. Some things that come back to you are great. Some things not so much. But when our bottles come back it’s always a good thing. It means responsible fruit drinkers like you have recycled them by popping them in the right bin. So do our planet a favour and recycle this one too. You never know when you might see it again.

Déjà Ooo
We discover things about the people we work with every day here in Fruit Towers. That we have a Phil Mitchell and a Michelle Pfeiffer working with us. That Lukasz is a semi-professional ballroom dancer. And that Carly has never had déjà vu. Turns out, only 70% of people ever do. The closest she, and the other fine 30%, will ever come to déjà vu is seeing bottles like this again and again because great folk like you recycle them. So, go on, put this bottle in the right bin. Do it for them. (Do it for Carly.)

10% of profits to charity see

Return To

Fancy a chat? Pop in to
Fruit Towers,
342 Ladbroke Grove,
W10 5BU.

Fruit Towers,
2 Ballsbridge Park,
Dublin 4.
Call the bananaphone 020 7993 3311 (UK) or 01 664 4100 (ROI), email We’d love to hear from you.

Brand Marketing

The innocent promise
Tastes good. Does good.
Tasty healthy products
Sourced sustainably

Regulated Product Name

Orange juice with bits

Company Address

342 Ladbroke Grove,
W10 5BU.

2 Ballsbridge Park,
Dublin 4.

Storage Type

Chilled Type

Pack Type

Plastic Bottle Type

Standardised Brand

Innocent Brand

Unit (specific)

Millilitres Unit (specific)

Calculated Nutrition Ordering

Regulation (EU) No 1169/2011 Scheme

Nutrition (per 100ml)

Energy (kJ)
Energy (kcal)
Fat (g)
of which saturates (g)
Carbohydrate (g)
of which sugars (g)
Protein (g)
Salt (g)
Vitamin C (mg)


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