Co-op Irresistible Piccolo Tomatoes 225g

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Co-op Irresistible Piccolo Tomatoes 225g

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Co Op


Our growers choice, Intensely sweet, beautifully aromatic, cherry tomatoes grown on long vines, 5 a day, Source of vitamin C

Pack Size


Unit (free text)


Recycling Other Text

Insert – Widely Recycled

Film – Not Yet Recycled

Telephone Helpline

0800 0686 727

Email Helpline

Web Address

Nutritional Claims

Source of vitamin C

Contact Name


Usage Other Text

Approx. 3 servings

Manufacturers Address

Packed for:
Co-operative Group Ltd.,
M60 0AG.

Preparation and Usage

Preparation Guidelines
Wash the skins thoroughly under cold running water and dry before use. Cut the tomatoes into rounds or quarters as desired and use in salads or sandwiches. Alternatively, remove the skin, finely chop and use in recipes such as a pasta sauce.

Always wash work surfaces, cutting boards, utensils and hands before and after preparing food and after disposal of packaging. Wash fruit and vegetable before use.


For best quality keep cool and dry. Best eaten at room temperature.

Further Description

For more information visit or Freephone 0800 0686 727.

Return To

Contact Us
Freephone 0800 0686 727 – 7 days a week
Quoting the Barcode Number and the Date Code
Co-operative Group Ltd.,
M60 0AG.

Brand Marketing

Our growers choice
We work with our growers to bring you tomato varieties which have been selected for their unique taste and flavour. Our farming techniques allow us to grow tomatoes even through the winter months, with natural pollination to give you the freshest and tastiest of produce. We handle our tomatoes as little as possible to protect the delicate fruit. They are hand-picked and packed to arrive in store at their most Irresistible. This pack of fresh tomatoes contains the variety Piccolo which are intensely sweet. Piccolo cherry tomatoes are small tomatoes grown on long vines for fuller flavour.
Because Irresistible shouldn’t come easy

Safety Warning

Safety First – To avoid danger of suffocation, keep this bag away from babies, children and animals.

Regulated Product Name

Piccolo Tomatoes

Company Address

M60 0AG.

Storage Type

Ambient Type

Pack Type

Tray & Heat Sealed Type

Standardised Brand

Co-operative Brand

Unit (specific)

Grams Unit (specific)

New Product Development

Final Product – Not NPD New Product Development

Calculated Nutrition Ordering

Regulation (EU) No 1169/2011 Scheme

Nutrition (per 100g)

Energy (kJ)
Energy (kcal)
Fat (g)
of which saturates (g)
Carbohydrate (g)
of which sugars (g)
Fibre (g)
Protein (g)
Salt (g)
Vitamin C (mg)

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