Co Op Easy Peelers 500g

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Co Op Easy Peelers 500g

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Co Op


5 a day 2 easy peelers – 1 portion

Recycling Other Text

Recycle with bags at larger stores – Check Locally Kerbside

Web Address

Contact Name


Other Information

Class 1

Manufacturers Address

Packed for:
Co-operative Group Ltd.,
M60 0AG.


At home best kept cool and dry

Further Description

Conventionally Grown – All Co-op produce is grown to the highest consumer and environmental standards which are checked and controlled by independent experts. For further information, contact our Customer Relations Department or visit our website.

Return To

Co-operative Group Ltd.,
M60 0AG.

Regulated Product Name

Easy Peelers

Company Address

M60 0AG.

Storage Type

Ambient Type

Pack Type

Unspecified Pack Type

Standardised Brand

Co-operative Brand

New Product Development

Final Product – Not NPD New Product Development

Allergy Advice

Please Note: This product may contain any of the following allergens:

  • • Cereal containing gluten
  • • Crustaceans
  • • Eggs
  • • Fish
  • • Peanuts
  • • Soya
  • • Milk
  • • Celery
  • • Nuts
  • • Mustard
  • • Sesame
  • • Sulphur Dioxide
  • • Lupin
  • • Mollusc

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