Co-op Classic Dip Selection 4 x 90g (360g)

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Co-op Classic Dip Selection 4 x 90g (360g)

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Suitable for vegetarians

Box Contents

Soured Cream & Chive Dip

Onion & Garlic Dip

Cheese & Chive Dip

Thousand Island

Pack Size


Unit (free text)


Telephone Helpline

0800 0686 727

Web Address

Company Name

Co-operative Group Ltd.

Other Information

Rinse – Tray – Recycle
Film – Don’t Recycle

Manufacturers Address

Packed for:
Co-operative Group Ltd.,
M60 0AG.


Keep in the fridge 2 to 5°C and eat within 2 days of opening. Don’t exceed the Use By date.
Home Freezing – For best quality we suggest you don’t freeze.

Return To

Co-operative Group Ltd.,
M60 0AG.
Freephone 0800 0686 727 – we’re here 7 days a week
Please let us know the Barcode Number and the Date Code

Company Address

M60 0AG.


United Kingdom Packed In

Storage Type

Chilled Type

Pack Type

Unspecified Pack Type

Standardised Brand

Co-op Brand

Unit (specific)

Grams Unit (specific)

Allergy Advice

  • Contains Eggs
  • Contains Milk

10 reviews for Co-op Classic Dip Selection 4 x 90g (360g)

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