Is Pizza a Healthy Food?

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One question that always bothers every pizza lover that is whether it is good for health or not. The latest studies have proved that pizzas are really good for your health. Read on to get more information.

Pizza is one of the most favourite foods for most of the people in the UK. Are you in a dilemma to eat pizza or not? Don’t worry. From this article you can get some (scientific) useful information regarding the consumption of pizza in your day to day diet. Mostly pizza can be made with wheat. There are 2 components in wheat called ‘bran’ and ‘endosperm’. These components are highly rich in antioxidants. This antioxidant has the stuff to prevent cell damaging in human bodies. For which, it inhabits a process called oxidation.

This antioxidant has the ability to reduce the partials which cause cell damages. Cell damage is a main reason for the formation of certain diseases like cancer and heart problems. Therefore there is nothing wrong in taking pizzas occasionally. Human body has been created with the support of antioxidant defences naturally to fight against free radicals. After a long run, it may overrun. If you add antioxidant contents in your diet, it will be helpful for you to fight back perfectly. Consider dough variety, temperature of baking and baking time of pizzas. Don’t hesitate to ask these things at your favourite pizza huts.

Dough has been used for baking pizzas now a day. This dough has to be made as antioxidant rich therefore wheat has been added. But some other pizzas are not made with this wheat dough. No one makes pizza dough only with wheat flour but everyone uses refined-flour dough. There is huge difference in the taste between the two whole-wheat flour dough and the refined flour dough. When the flour is refined, some ingredients like bran and endosperm are mostly taken form them. You can get only the taste not nutritious in wheat free dough pizzas.

When the pizza makers increase the baking time from 7 minutes to 14 minutes, the dough can boost the antioxidant contents up to 80%. The temperature can be fixed from 204 C to 285 C to raise the antioxidant level up to 60%. The pizza makers can extend the time taken for fermentation from 18 to 48 hours, then the antioxidants will be raised automatically. To conclude, if these tips are followed by the pizza makers perfectly, there is nothing wrong in eating it often.

The other factor that stands in the way of pizza as a healthy food are its toppings. You can use tomato sauce but excessive usages of cheese do become a problem as cheese is a high fat food. But if you use reduced fat cheese, spinach and low-fat turkey sausage on the dough, a pizza could be called as a healthy food.

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