Hydrolyzed Bee Pollen

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You may be wondering how the scientists and researchers found out about the valuable components of bee pollen. Hydrolysis is one of the tests they did. This is a chemical reaction or process in which a chemical compound is broken down by reaction with water. Hydrolyzed pollen allowed them to determine all the vitamins, minerals, amino acids, proteins, enzymes, and coenzymes content of these pollens.

By determining all the essential components of the pollen, they have found the main reason why this type of pollen is very popular in human consumption even during the ancient times. You can also take advantage of adding water to your bee supplements, particularly if you use bee granules.

In the recent studies, the pollen has been found to have two tough outer layers or coatings which cannot be digested inside the human body. The most important center part of the pollen isn’t released in time for the body to absorb. What happens is that the inner part of the pollen is flushed out from our system. The result is that only about three to thirty percent of the potent content of these pollens is absorbed by the body.

Researchers have discovered a way to increase the percentage of nutrition absorbed by the human body. That is by rupturing the two outer layers of the pollen to yield ninety percent absorption of the pollen’s core essentials.

Bee granules have this particular problem to deal with. What you can do to make your own hydrolyzed pollen by adding liquid to your bee granules. Just soak the pollen granules in juice or water for about twelve hours before ingesting. The indigestible outer shells or coatings of the bee pollen will be cracked open and the important components will be quickly absorbed by the body.

This process could mean adding a new task to your regular routine but hey, when you have consumed all your stock of bee granules, you can purchase your next bee supplement in the liquid form. This will be easier to take in and faster absorbed by your body.

By ingesting your home made hydrolyzed pollen, the health benefits from the pollen are greatly increased. The extremely high nutrition content of this pollen consists of all the essential nutrition needed by humans. By adding the pollen in one’s daily diet, he nourishes his body with complete nutrition because the pollen consists of essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and protein, as well as some antioxidant and antihistamine properties.

Daily intake of bee supplements, particularly sourced from New Zealand, will lower bad cholesterol levels in the blood, increase red and white blood cells, increase sexual functions in men and women as well as improve their reproductive system.

It has also been found to rejuvenate various glands and organs like the liver for work efficiency, aid in cell regeneration, normalize chemical imbalances of the body for proper metabolism, and increase protection from various diseases including cancer and tumor through its rich antioxidant properties.

It may also treat some allergies through its antihistamine properties, increase mental alertness in adults as well as increase IQ levels in children. The pollen can also increase energy levels of the body and so much more.

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Source by Micheal Thomas

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