Healthy Food List – The Perfect Food List For Your Diet

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How can we stay protected against diseases? How can we prevent ailments like cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, hypertension and others? The answer lies in the kind of food we eat.

What we put inside our mouth plays an important role in our body’s health. Diseases are often caused by the kind of food we often feed our body. So how can we make sure that we have the nutrients our body needs?

You can start by making the perfect food list. Here is how:

– Include all fruits and vegetables

They contain vitamins and minerals needed to build strong bones and boost the immune system. They supply the body with the necessary nutrients to keep it in good working condition and protected against harmful diseases. You also do not need to worry about gaining weight when you eat fruits and vegetables since they have less or no fat at all.

– Go for fiber-rich food and antioxidants

Think whole grain. The next time you go to the supermarket, you buy yourself bread which are whole grained instead of the usual bread and pastries you buy. Other fiber-rich food like oats and wheat help cleanse your body from toxins.

– Eat meat

Chicken without the skin, fish, and shellfish are excellent choices. They provide protein needed by your muscles and most fish are great source of omega3 which makes your heart stronger. Avoid red meat or processed meat products as much as possible since they contain preservatives and other chemicals that can harm your body.

– Less sweets

Do not make it a habit to eat chocolates or other sweet treats. Although they are very irresistible, they have long term effects on the body, especially in your blood sugar levels. If you want, you can go for low fat bars or those that contain natural sweeteners like honey.

– Drink up

If you are fond of drinking alcoholic drinks, now is the time to say goodbye to them. Instead, drink plenty of water everyday. You should drink eight to ten glasses of pure water to keep your body hydrated.

Remember that taking good care of your body should be at the top of your priority list.

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