Healthy But Delicious Snacks


Who says that healthy food doesn’t have to be delicious? When most of us think of snacking we immediately go for that bag of potato chips or cookies but there are many other delicious alternatives. Not only are these snacks tasty but they might help us lose a few pounds as well.

1. Hummus & Carrots. Hummus serves as a tasty dip for many vegetables making it a perfect healthy snack alternative. If you don’t like carrots then that’s fine, you can use cucumber, peas, avocado or pretty much any vegetable as they all compliment the taste of hummus. Another added benefit is that this snack is high in fibre meaning that you won’t go hungry for awhile.

2. Greek Yoghurt & Honey. This is usually the first thing I go for when I’m feeling hungry. Not only is Greek yoghurt delicious but it is high in protein; perfect for endurance, weight training and muscle recovery. Although you may think honey is bad due to its sugar content, it actually contains essential minerals and vitamins which help the body to dissolve cholesterol and fats. The two together? Delicious, healthy and will fill you up.

3. Fruit & Nut Bars. Sometimes we crave a snack to satisfy our sweet tooth. Instead of reaching for that chocolate bar try an all natural snack bar instead. They are good sources of fibre, low in sodium, are made from natural ingredients such as almonds and cranberries and to top it all off they are loaded with minerals and vitamins. One bar is only around 150-200 calories. Keep one in your pocket throughout the day for an instantly sweet, healthy and filling snack.

4. Olives. At other times we crave a snack to satisfy a salty craving. Olives are a perfect option for this. They are rich in antioxidants, monounsaturated fats and minerals. A serving of five olives contains only about 25 calories.

5. Popcorn. Popcorn only takes a couple of minutes to prepare and goes down a treat come movie night. Not only is it filling due to the high fibre content but it is healthy due to the high protein and vitamin B content. Not to mention it is also delicious. (Make sure you buy the fat free salty popcorn instead of the sweet type which is filled with sugars). So there you have it 5 healthy but delicious snacks that are perfect for any time of the day. These snacks will help facilitate weight loss.


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