Gourmet Pizza – Comfort Food For the Naughties

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Pizza was big in the Eighties and Nineties. It became a very popular take away food when Dominos started delivering pizza with the big phone piece on the roof of their cars. It may have been a growing and ever popular take away food of those decades — but when it comes to the Naughties (2000’s), you cannot beat a good gourmet Pizza!

Economic Downturn Pizza

Economic indicators cannot be ignored. Across the world, especially in Australia, pizza is a true comfort to us all, even (maybe especially) in our times of need. When the economic downturn came along, world industries suffered whilst the fast food industry flourished! Take away pizza especially took off and now we seem to be comfort eating ourselves out of the recession.

Where We Turn For A Feel Good Fix

When the economy starts to turn, there are always those industries that keep looking up. The pizza and pizza delivery industry is one of them. While expensive luxuries have started to flounder and Australian’s cut back overall, the pizza industry has fared quite well according to an article published in March in the Sydney Morning Herald. Considered an “affordable pleasure”, Aussie’s turn to their favorite comfort food in these tough economic times more and more — and pizza is one of our last affordable small pleasures. By January of last year, takeaway foods were up in sales by more than 11% over the previous year, and by the halfway mark Domino’s reported an actual increase in pizza sales of almost 3%. In fact, Domino’s was hiring while others were firing, just to fill the need for pizza delivery people.

What To Have With Your Gourmet Pizza

And what do we like with our gourmet pizza? But of course, a good, cold beer. The brewing industry has grown right alongside the pizza delivery scene, boasting increased profits of over 2% per quarter, and over a $411 million half-year profit for The Foster’s Group, which holds an estimated 52% of the market share for beer in Australia.

When The Times Are Tough

When times are tough, the tough keep going, as these statistics easily show. It doesn’t matter if you have cut back on your budget. A few less nights out on the town won’t make a difference. You still have the comfort of good food, good friends, and a relaxing beer or wine at home. It seems to me that some foods will always be popular — and the good old gourmet pizza is one of the strong contenders to hang around for a very long time!

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Source by Sean Rasmussen

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