Fuel Fitness EL335 Elliptical Trainer Review


A pioneering achievement in fitness equipment, the Fuel Fitness El335 Elliptical Trainer is a heavy duty cross trainer especially designed to withstand the abuse from the home or the commercial gym environment. This high-tech creation has coordinated superior quality equipment with state-of-the-art technology thus effecting a fantastic option in elliptical trainers. This is an excellent elliptical machine and should be given the utmost care from the finest fitness equipment repair services. Below are some of the advantage points of the highly advanced EL335.

Description of the El335 Elliptical

This powerful elliptical trainer is built with an outsized 18″ stride which has an outsized 25lb balanced flywheel. Though this feature is typically found on higher end units, the manufacturers have designed articulating footpads that will proceed to rotate to some extent during the elliptical movement: this will ensure that your knees, ankles, and feet remain in the correct alignment. This aspect will ascertain that the pressure is minimal to your joints while you exercise. The machine has 15 motivational courses integrated into its fashionable two-coloured LCD monitor. These programs include 12 preset, 1 Heart Rate Controlled, 1 Manual, and also 1 user configured, each able to function on 16 different resistance levels. For heart rate screening, the machine is equipped with handgrip pulse sensors.

Some Additional Features of the El335 Elliptical Trainer

There are a number of other beneficial qualities featured on the El335 also. Listed here are some of these features:

Feedback: Time, Speed, Distance, Resistance, Calories, Program, Pulse, Indoor Temperature

Resistance System: 1-16 levels

Power: Plug-in (includes adapter)

Max User Weight: 125kg (18st/275lbs)

Size L/W/H (in use): 166 x 56 x 163cm

Home Usage Warranty: Parts 5 years, labour 2 years, lifetime frame/brake

The El335 Elliptical Trainer is excellent for both entry level and experienced users. It is generally less expensive than the higher end models but it rivals these other models as it has all the power and outstanding features to make your workout both a productive and exhilarating one.

Maintaining Your Elliptical Trainer

If you want to get the most from your elliptical trainer, you should recognize that there are particular steps that need to be followed. Regular cleaning of the tracks and wheels will keep dirt and soil from clinging to your machine and can cause less frequent breakdown of the components of the trainer. Whenever a dirt build up is present the motion, of the components can become jerky and rough. Rear drive elliptical trainers have no tracks and wheels to keep clean. Also, you need to check before using your elliptical trainer for loose bolts or screws especially if you should notice any unusual, disturbing or loud noises. Furthermore the components of your machine require regular lubrication in order for it to run smoothly.


As with any piece of gym equipment, this exercise machine requires proper maintenance from a respectable fitness equipment repair provider. Taking proper care of your El335 Elliptical will ensure that it is well worth the investment.


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