FRS Healthy Energy Drink – Which Formula is Right For You?

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Not too many years ago, endurance athletes had very few options for race fuels. Selection was limited to bland energy bars and sports drinks that were nothing more than sugar water. However, in 2008, there are new energy bars and drinks made for everyone from endurance athletes to stay-at-home moms and even for video gamers!

One of the more recent (and notable) energy drink launches was FRS Healthy Energy, which avoids typical stimulants in favor of healthy antioxidants and green tea extract to provide a long-lasting energy boost.

If you like the idea of FRS, the question now becomes “should I get the cans, concentrate, powder, or chews?” Each option has its pros and cons, as discussed below:

FRS Ready-to-Drink Cans

As with most energy drinks, FRS comes in cans that you can pop open and enjoy at any time. Being ready-to-drink from the factory ensures that these have the best taste and texture out of all the options. Powdered drink mix doesn’t compare, and even the liquid concentrate is not quite as good as the canned drink.

The cans are best for someone who wants to enjoy the drink as much as possible that is not worried about spending too much money (which will happen, as the cans are the most expensive option at $2.50 each.) They work well at home straight out of the refrigerator, but they don’t work so well on the run, or during exercise.

FRS Liquid Concentrate

The FRS liquid concentrate is an interesting option because the taste and texture are almost on par with the cans. You notice just a slight drop in texture quality for a significant price drop (half price at just $1.25 per serving.)

This works well for someone who is home each morning and has a glass of FRS to start the day. As with the cans, it’s not something I would want to drink during a workout, but it’s great at home.

FRS Powder

There are no surprises here. The FRS powder mixes well but it still leaves a somewhat chalky texture in the water, and it’s very thin (the cans and concentrate are more like a juice.) It is not the most pleasant tasting option, but it’s fairly cheap and it’s great for “on the go.”

I would suggest the powder for use before or during a sporting event, as the light texture will be less likely to upset your stomach, and it can be easily mixed by shaking it in a water bottle.

FRS Energy Chews

While most energy drinks only come in cans, FRS comes in a variety of liquid forms, but it also comes ready to eat as a candy energy chew! The chews are similar to a taffy or other soft, chewy candy.

The taste here is not the best, but it’s just as good as the powder (if not better.) It’s also just plain neat, and these are very easy to carry with you on a run or bike ride so that you don’t run out of energy.

Now you should be able to choose the right FRS drink for your needs (if you are indeed choosing FRS.)

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Source by Levi Bloom

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