Different Types Of Healthy Snacks With A Twist Kids Would Love


When it comes to snacks, some parents forbid their kids to indulge in such because they are afraid their kids would not eat their meals when it’s time for their proper meal time. What parents should know is that snacks help their young ones to keep going on their daily activities. It helps the kids from excessively eating which usually happens to those kids who only wait for their proper meal time to eat. However, they should remember that too much of everything is bad and this is applicable to eating snacks. When serving snacks, it should only be served in small quantities.

For the parents, their most challenging task is to determine the good snacks from the bad. The bad snacks are those that are high in saturated fat, sugar, and sodium such as packaged snack pies and snack cakes, powdered sugar donuts, frozen snacks, crisps, fast food chicken nuggets. These snacks are labeled bad by nutritionists however they are the most appealing snacks to the kids. This is the reason why parents give in to these snacks just to satisfy their kids. This should not be. There are always alternatives to snacks and the following are good examples.

Fruits. Fruits are good and tasty, however frequent eating of fruits can bore the kids. When having fruits, make sure you combine it with other interesting foods like pairing the fruits with cheddar cheese, slice of prosciutto and the like.

Fruit pops. These are very enticing especially to kids. The ones in commercial stores are packed with sugars and preservatives, however you can always make your own to ensure it is healthy for your kids.

Meatballs. Rather than using mayonnaise, use instead Greek-style yoghurt. Yoghurt is good for the immune system.

Mixed nuts. A good mix would be almonds, walnuts, cashews, and pistachios. These nuts are loaded with Vitamin E, Omega 3 fatty acids and fiber, folate, Vitamin K, lutein, and potassium. Make sure your mixed nuts are sprinkled with a bit of salt and packed in attractive containers to entice your kids.

Nachos and cheese. Instead of your usual nachos and cheese, mix with it vegan fried beans. Also, it is ideal to learn how to make tasty dips for your kids to love. When purchasing nachos from the groceries, make sure you have carefully checked their additives and salt content.

Smoothies. Smoothies are making a buzz on the net these days because of its taste and nutritious content. Make sure you take advantage of it and to spice it a bit, you can add almond or coconut milk.

Tuna sandwiches. Tuna snacks are great too however they get boring to eat especially when the one having this is munching it every day of the week. Try to make it more interesting by cutting mini fish shapes from a rye bread.

Adding a twist to the usual snacks can make a whole world of difference therefore, it is good to innovate especially for parents with kids that are picky eaters.


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