Dark Chocolate Smoothie Recipe


Dark chocolate smoothies taste like dessert for breakfast! Add dark chocolate cocoa powder to your healthy smoothie recipe in the morning for an unbelievable burst of rich chocolate yummy flavor. This is the ultimate in that decadent -you won’t believe it’s sooo good for you flavor! Dark chocolate cocoa powder is so healthy because it’s high in polyphenol content, which means it has antioxidant power! It’s also high in vitamins. This chocolate is a bit bitter, so the base of the smoothie should be either vanilla flavored yogurt and vanilla almond milk with some agave syrup or honey. Adjust the sweetener according to your desired level.

Chocolate comes from the cacao bean. This bean contains antibacterial agents that fight against tooth decay and help boost your immune system. These agents are diminished once sugar and milk are added to the chocolate to create milk chocolate. Cocao also contains phenyl ethylamine which enhances endorphins and gives you that happy feeling. Researchers have found that the mere smell of chocolate increases theta brain waves inducing relaxation. People who eat dark chocolate are also said to live a year longer -perhaps because of the antioxidant effects or maybe just because they are happier!

Smoothies are a great way to sneak in protein and extra vitamins and minerals into your kid’s breakfast or snack. Great additions for smoothies are protein powder, bee pollen, lecithin granules and brewers yeast. Go easy on the brewer’s yeast because it has a bitter taste the kids will taste!


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