Common Terminologies Used in Courier Services

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Just like in any other industry, there are certain terminologies that are used exclusively in the courier industry. But courier services also use a lot of terms and lingo which are quite similar to our regular postal service. Having an understanding of these terminologies and phrases are important and make your job much easier especially while hunting for a good courier company. So here are some commonly used terms in the courier sector that can definitely prove to be a big help to you some time or the other.

One important term that you need to be aware of is ‘authorization;’ this refers to the permission that has to be granted by senior officials in the courier company to ship parcels which contain dangerous items or substances that have to be cleared by the customs like medicines. ‘Brokerage fee’ is another term which is used in connection with authorization; this fee is collected by a customs broker for the service that he offers for getting the goods cleared by the customs authority. Bulk shipment is another common lingo which is used to denote a cargo or shipment which is over 75 pounds.

Another common terminology used in most courier services is call center dispatch; this refers to the centralized telephone service where a prospective customer can call for pick-up and delivery orders. C.O.D is another common term especially used these days by online shopping sites; this stands for cash on delivery where the recipient has to pay for the parcel before it is handed over to him. Confirmation number is a unique ID that is given to every customer using which can be used to track the particular parcel and also as confirmation that the order has been processed in the right manner.

CSR is another term which denotes customer service representative; this is the person that you will talk to for clarifying any of your doubts and queries. Another common term used especially while transporting valuable items is DV or declared value; this is the value of the product as declared by the customer sending the item. You might have noticed the term SNR many times on the receipt; this stands for signature not required; in this case, the parcel may be handed over to anybody and not just to a particular person.

Being aware of these terminologies used in courier services makes it easy to use this service to its best.

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