Best Sugar Drinks "To Your Health"

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This morning I received a phone call from a professional healthcare practitioner telling me of his success with the sugar trehalose and how he is recommending it to his patients. Then he commented to me on the excellency of apple cider vinegar. I told him how right he was and how, at that every moment, I held in my hand a morning drink of apple cider vinegar sweetened with trehalose. I had, a few minutes before his call, poured into the glass 2 to 3 tablespoons of raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar (with mother), purchased from my local health food store. I added about the same amount of trehalose and then poured in about 4 ounces of water. Sometimes I use hot water and sometimes cold. He said, “I will try that.”

There are a lot of things we can do to improve our health by modifying our lifestyle just a little. Back away from the unhealthy soft drinks and start substituting them with some good things that you may enjoy more.

Another excellent hot or cold rink is trehalose lemonade. Squeeze one or two lemons, add trehalose to almost cover the lemon juice then add hot water. A HOT cup of trehalose lemonade starts the day. It’s better than a cup of coffee and provides true sustained energy, not just a caffeine high! During the day COLD lemonade makes one of the “best for you” drinks you can imagine. Just use cold water or add ice.

Do not mix the apple cider vinegar with the lemon because they each have a unique pathway to building your electrolytes and helping balance your pH. I suggest not drinking one within thirty minutes of the other which gives it time to get into your system.

Adding trehalose to your tea or coffee and cereal is much better than regular table sugar and many times better than many of the sugar substitutes that may provide long term damage to your brain and body.

It is so very exciting to hear back from diabetics telling us that their blood sugar is better while they are eating six tablespoons of trehalose per day than it is when they stop. We believe that when they back off the sugar trehalose they again use more table sugar which is what is causing the sugar spikes. So, the results is a two fold whammy! A positive two fold whammy is manifest by using trehalose and using less table sugar. It is a negative two fold whammy by stopping the use of trehalose and going back on table sugar.

We welcome your sharing with us recipes you have baked or otherwise prepared with the sugar trehalose. You may help us prepare a cook book including lots of “sweets” made from one the most healthful sweeteners known to man us.

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Source by JC Spencer

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