Banana Smoothie Recipe With A Twist


Bananas are a staple ingredient in smoothies. Not a staple ingredient in my smoothies, but the general public seems to believe one must be included for some reason (probably this growing tumor of misinformation I keep talking about, where anybody who read an excerpt on Wikipedia, suddenly declares themselves expert on the subject).

But what I’ve also found, when people have approached me confused and surprisingly intimidated about smoothie recipes, is how little imagination the general public has. Of course, there are those folks out there who exploit the popularity of smoothies, knowing that people look for them, and compile 1000 combinations of 3 different fruits, and Sha-Zaam you’ve evidently got a smoothie recipe, they usually have not been made or tasted, but you can find that kind of crappy information anywhere and everywhere. Usually for a very cheap price.

People who opt for healthy living I’d like to think are smarter and a bit more savvy than those individuals who choose to eat instant-heart attack foods by the truckload. And people who are more open minded to being healthy, usually are more creative in their pursuits (personal experience, not clinical study), thus I am unsure what the hesitance is for this limitation of thinking. There are no rules here. You are in charge. Break Free of Smoothie Recipe Chains … o.k toooo much carrot juice, bit of an admitted overkill.

Here’s such an example of a banana smoothie recipe different than the usual train of thought. Try it tonight, or now would be even better.

Combine in a blender:

Two bananas, half to three quarters of a cup of your favorite soy milk, depending on the consistency you prefer. (I like vanilla flavored for this, but chocolate, or plain would be just fine), one tablespoon of honey, and I also like to throw in a small handful of chocolate chips. You can go with a all natural carob kinda thing, but I eat milk chocolate ones. (I was blessed with a high metabolism, and eat healthy, so I won’t see any pounds, and in moderation, eat it).

Now raise that glass to your lips and..dri… No. Don’t drink it silly. Put it in a container that is safe for cold temperatures and FREEZE it. Poof! Just like that you have an alternative to traditional ice cream, and an easy homemade ice cream recipe that is best for a number of reasons, including: YOU controlled ALL the ingredients to, and YOU are completely in charge of the flavor. Low calorie ice cream, especially if you choose no chips (of course, there’s plenty of substitutions, or you can top it with something healthy, when you decide to eat it). Banana ice cream is just the beginning. If you enjoy eating bananas for flavor and obvious nutritional impact, and simply a recipe here and there just won’t suffice, a newsletter giving you more banana smoothie recipes has just surfaced to feed your banana desires. I’ve subscribed just a bit ago, been pleasantly surprised and wanted you to know about the update.

Embrace new things and live healthy!


Source by Robert McMackey

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