American Cuisine When Traveling to Mexico


If one of the highlights of your Mexican vacation is sampling authentic Mexican cuisine, you are in luck. Sometimes, whether traveling with a finicky eater or vacationing for an extended period of time, food other than Mexican may be desired. Should this be a realistic need, vacationing near a popular Mexican city our tourist area can provide many choices in “American” comfort foods as well as other international cuisines.

As a change of pace, many expatriates from the U.S. and other countries have relocated to Mexico. With them, they bring their culinary knowledge regarding native cuisines. In addition to Mexican, there are plenty of Caribbean, Chinese, Italian, German and Japanese restaurants. If dining choices are important to your party, plan on visiting the Mexicali area of Baja. Because of its close proximity to the American border, it features diverse, sit-down dining choices available at bargain prices.

Travelers vacationing in other areas of Mexico can also find authentic Mexican and other types of eateries, in addition to the U.S.’s familiar chicken and hamburger fast food restaurant choices. While not the best choice for children, these familiar chain restaurant choices may entice picky eaters to consume kid-approved foods. If looking to supplement fast food meals with healthy snacks, open-air produce markets offer freshly-picked, portable snacks.

When visiting a familiar restaurant, don’t be surprised if the Mexican menu offered varies from a suburban American one. Regardless of type of restaurant: traditional, fast food or international cuisine, restaurant operators only sell and prepare foods desired by locals, as that is where most of their pesos originate. Options presented may appear somewhat odd, but if able to find familiar favorites, especially at fast food chains, these foods will always taste the same, regardless of global location.

When in Mexico, be sure to always try local foods first to fully experience all Mexico has to offer. Should your palette be pleased, you are in luck but if looking for something different, most of the time everyday, familiar foods are just a brisk walk away.


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